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With expertise that includes ETCP Certified Riggers, we are capable of handling any rigging challenge. We are available for events, performances, aerial competitions and also install structural “in home” aerial points customized to you.  We accomplish our installs quickly and professionally with a high level of precision. Your safety and the integrity of the venue are our main priorities. And we aren't just in Texas, we will travel anywhere in the U.S. and Internationally. 

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Flying Trapeze Rigging and Custom Fabricated Aerial Equipment

We sell full size traditional Flying Trapeze rigs and nets all over the world, for professional circus, schools, camps and retreats. We also custom fabricate aerial and circus equipment, apparatuses, to your specifications. All fabrications are made by a certified welder. All designs have been fully strength tested using an external testing facility. International shipping available. If you dream it, we can make it!

Professional Performances and "Swings" for your Guests

For your event, go beyond entertainment. We offer extraordinary event experiences. The skilled performers and production team of Trapeze Texas can work in any venue (or create one) to turn a special event into a bigger, greater, more enthralling experience for everyone involved. Between and after shows we can also offer your guests a chance to fly for themselves and take a swing on the Flying Trapeze with a complete safety system. Let your guests be the star of the show! This can be added to any performance event. 

Schools, Camps and Retreats

Want to open Flying Trapeze classes of your own?

Since 2008 we've owned Flying Trapeze and Aerial Arts schools in multiple Austin and Houston locations and have set up Flying Trapeze programs in camps and retreats, in multiple countries. We've got you covered - rigging, shipping, installation and training. From beginning to end, we'll help you achieve your dream of flight.

Flying Trapeze Rigs

Professionally manufactured Flying Trapeze rigs custom made to your specifications. Domestic and international shipping and installation available. Along with the Flying Trapeze rig itself, we've got all the knowledge on what works best and the extra equipment you'll need to start facilitating classes tomorrow! 

Training and Workshops

We have over 18 years of experience in the art of Flying Trapeze and Aerial Arts, performing for circuses all over the world. We offer many different training packages from how to safely facilitate students, Flying Trapeze rigging maintenance, and group performance workshops. Contact us today!


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